Smart Home

New thinking, new solutions - the flush-mounted thermostat inserts UTE 3500 and UTE 3800 from EBERLE are proof of a redefined smart home. They combine digital Room temperature control with a Matter WiFi connection. Controllable via popular smart home apps from manufacturers such as Apple, Google, Amazon and Samsung, they offer maximum flexibility and convenience at its best.

UTE 3500 and UTE 3800 - Simply smart heating

Flexibility & openness

  • Easy control via common home apps and smart speakers from Apple, Google, Amazon, Samsung thanks to Matter WiFi standard
  • Smart home without additional gateway and specific thermostat app
  • Fully functional digital thermostat, even without connection to a smart home system

Quick and easy installation

  • Installation without WiFi connection
  • Functional immediately after selecting the heating application on the device
  • Additional setting options possible in "Advanced Settings" on the thermostat

Attractive design & versatile combinations

  • Suitable for all common switch ranges (55 x 55 mm)
  • Easy removal of the logic module and perfect fit thanks to decorative frame holder
  • Unpainted high-quality cover in the colors RAL 9010 and RAL 9016
  • Attractive LED dot matrix display and intuitive operation using touch buttons

Convenient energy saving

  • Time programs, temperature changes, smart home automation via smartphone app - from any location
  • Save energy with absence mode
  • Can be ideally combined with heat pumps thanks to automatic heating/cooling function
  • Thermostat can also be controlled via presence input (absence and presence mode with defined temperature setting)
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For water-guided and electrical systems

UTE 3500

for water-guided systems

UTE 3800-U

for electric heating systems and limiter functions
UTE 3500 – Triac (water-guided)
UTE 3800-U – Relais (EU Ecodesign LOT 20)
Area of useWater-based heating systems
Temperature setting range5...30°C
Voltage supply230 V AC 50/60 Hz
Number of switchable actuators5 actuators à 3 W electrothermal (15 W)
OutputTriac (noiseless)
Heating/Cooling InputChangeover via CO Input
External senor-
Universal InputSetback Input or Presence Input selectable
Control algorithmPWM or ON/OFF
ParametrizationVia Installer and User Menu directly on device
Heating SchedulesVia Smartphone-Connection (Matter WiFi)
ConnectivityMatter WiFi
Window-Open-DetectionAdjustable in Menü
UTE 3500-U Operation instruction
Area of useElectric heating systems & limiters
Water-based heating systems & limiters
Temperature setting range5…30 °C
10…40 °C
Voltage supply230 V AC 50/60 Hz
Switching current16 (4) A
EU Ecodesign guidelineLOT 20 konform
External senor e.g. F 193 720 (not included in delivery)
Universal InputSetback Input for Presence Input selectable
Control algorithmPWM or ON/OFF
ParametrizationVia Installer and User Menu directly on device
Heating SchedulesVia Smartphone Connection (Matter WiFi)
ConnectivityMatter WiFi
Window-Open-DetectionAdjustable in Menü
3800-U Operation instruction

UTE meets Matter

UTE 3500 and UTE 3800 can be easily integrated into existing smart home networks and can be controlled via common apps and hubs thanks to the new manufacturer-independent connectivity standard Matter. A separate app is not required.

Already heard? Matter!

Matter is the new communication standard from the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), whose members include industry leaders such as Amazon, Google, Apple and IKEA. Matter redefines the smart home. As a cross-manufacturer connection standard, it simplifies and improves communication between end devices and ensures compatibility. This means that different components such as thermostats, lamps and sensors can be flexibly combined with each other.

More about Matter Matter-enabled hubs/apps

Installation made easy

UTE 3500 | UTE 3800-U - Product video
UTE 3500 | UTE 3800-U Installation instructions
UTE 3500 | UTE 3800-U and Amazon Alexa - Integration into Smart Home
UTE 3500 | UTE 3800-U and Apple Home - Integration into Smart Home
UTE 3500 | UTE 3800-U and Google Home - Integration into Smart Home
UTE 3500 | UTE 3800-U and Samsung SmartThings - Integration into Smart Home

Control heating via app or manually

Control via app

Control via app

  • Smart Speaker or Smart Home Hub: this controls the interaction of all devices in the Matter network (including blinds, lighting, etc.) and forwards information from the Smart Home app to UTE 3500 and UTE 3800
  • Time-scheduled heating, setpoint change, Automations: via smartphone with standard Smart Home app - regardless of location
  • Setpoint can also be changed directly on the device at any time
Manual control

Manual control

  • Temperature can be set easily and conveniently directly on the thermostat.
  • Temperature setback can also be controlled via presence or set-back input (unoccupied mode with defined temperature setting